Made for Clay O'Brian CooperMade for Mike BeersMike Beers first spursMade for Brandon BeersMade for Hughie ReynoldsWon by Phyllis JessMade for Tyler MagnusMade for Ty Murry in MontanaMade for Quinton JosieMade for Shannon Jones, given by Michele and Blaine LinaweaverMade for Myles CoatsMade for Garry PeisleyMade for Scott HolstienMade for Pattie SchottMade for Lisa CoreyMade for Jaime QuillanMade for Steve MotzkusMade for Blaine LinaweaverMade for Sam StaplesMade for the Big Sky ClassicMade for the Open Roping in Ellensberge, WA won by Quincy Kueckelhan and Paul EavesMade for Jeff MorrisMade for Susan KreppsMade for Denton PayneMade for Josh HoctterMade for Tom Jacobsmade for Ray ShepardMade for Rob JohnsonMade for Jackie ThomasMade for Bonnie WolfeMade for Neal KayserMade for Brady MinorMade for Wyatt CowleyMade For the open roping at West Star Arena, won by Clay Tryan and Patrick SmithMade for the Match Calf Roping at West Star Arena, won by Tuff CooperSecond pair of spurs made for Hughie ReynoldsMade for Richard Durham for his birthdayMade for Jake PrattMade for Kathy BailesMade for Jeff CoelhoMade for Riley Minor's birthdayMade for Rich TimmonsBumper spurs made for Brenda RubleThis was a custom silver design, an angle wing.Made for Jim FranklinMade for John GillMade for Kim EdmondsonHappy 2nd Birthday Colt Weston Staples!! Love Grandpa RockyMade for Grant ReedMade for Mark Made for Justin TerryMade for Kimber BeersMade for Clayton McClureMade for Lindsey FortkampMade for Jack ThomasMade for Jack FisherMade for Maranda FrankMade for Cassie Rome/Bergevin, very custom for her legMade for Barbra BeersHappy 2nd birthday Clay BirdBobbie Cook spursBlaise Brewer, my grandson's 2nd birthdayWill Ratliff
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