My Passion

For over 25 years, Rocky has been building bits and spurs for the greatest cowboys and cowgirls in the world. In 1983 he needed a bit for his rope horse and being a welder by trade, he decided to make his own. The first bit was made from iron and was a very simple design. He went to a roping, he was asked about the bit by the prominent horse trainer, Bruce Gilchrist. Before long he was making bits and Bruce was using them on his horses and selling them to his clients. That was when he was hooked and now he has made bits and spurs for 25 of the top 30 cowboys in the world such as Mike Beers, Brandon Beers, Roy Cooper, George Strait, Clay O'Brain Cooper, Tyler Magnus and many more. He is also world renown for his bits and spurs having shipped to customers as far away as Canada and Australia. Making awards for some of the biggest ropings in the country is also on his list, BFI for 1991-92, NPRA finals, Big Sky Classic roping, Hight Money Girl for the weekend of Labor day at Appleatchee 2008-2010, West Star Open Roping 2010. If you are looking for that special pair of spurs or one of a kind bit, give him a call.