Mouth Pieces

Here are a few mouth pieces that we have made. If you don't see what you are looking for, please call or email us and we would love to make one for you.
smooth snaffleThree peice snaffleSquare twist three piece snaffleTwisted hexagon three piece snaffleWolfe's portFloating PortSquare twist with a floating portChainSquare Ported hand made chainRound port with hand made chainRound Spooned ported chainLarge round ported chain1 3/4"h X 2" w Legal CorrectionSpooned correction1 3/4"h X 2"w square correctionRound correctionHing port1 3/4"h X 1 1/4"w Round Ported half breedHight portFlat portSpooned portHalf breedLow PortSpooned high port