"I would like to thank you for your donation of the silver bits at the 1991 B.F.I. We all appreciate your support."
Thank You, Charles R. Pogue

" Thank you for the silver bit!"
1991 B.F.I. Steve Northcott

" I want to thank you for donating this year to our roping. Pat tried to talk me out of the bit for himself. Thanks for helping support our scholarship. The match next year will be Lantham Mongold and Neal Felton."
Thank you again, Lynn Bowen

" Thank you for donating the bit this yearfor our roping. Trent Walls won the average and recieved the bits. We had a great roping. Fred Whitfield won the fastest calf and Neal Felton won the match. I will get you a copy of the tape as soon as I get all of them copied."
Thanks again, Lynn Bowen

" Thanks so much for the beautiful bits that you made and donated to the David Bowen Memorial Roping. They are so well made and all my family and friends have admired (and envied) them.
It's people like you that make that roping great."
Thanks again, Trent Walls, winner of calf roping average 1997

"Thank you so much for jumping on Blaine's spurs! Can't wait to see them."
Thanks again, Michele Linaweaver 2010

"Blaine just loves his spurs. He shows them off to everyone. Can't wait to see what you do for Shannon! You are a true artist!"
Michele Linaweaver, 2010

"I have purchased at least three handmade Rocky Staples bits and after many bits later, I now know what the horse needs in his mouth....It's the ANGLE of THE DANGLE, the PURCHASE, and the WEIGHT.....and YES, the horses love 'em too!!!! "
Phyllis Jess 2010

"Thank you Rocky for the spurs you donated to the west star roping! They have held up great and look awsome to! I have gotten a lot of compliments on them!"
Paul Eaves second place winner of spurs at the 2010 open roping at West Star arena in Ellensberge, WA

"My spurs turned out sweet... I get complements on them all the time."
Myles Coats, 2010

"I love the spurs, they are balanced and have enough weight to stay down"
Jeff Morris, 2010

"I have purchased two pairs of spurs from Rocky. They are both extremely well made and balanced. Now I am saving up to buy one of his bits."
Scott Hostine, Holstine Saddlery 2010

Thank you for my beautiful smooth mouth snaffle bit. This has now become my favorite bit. I ride everything in it. I have not found a horse yet that don't like it. Thank you once again."
Lacey Martin, recieved a snaffle as a thank you from the TCBRA 2010

"Rocky just a quick Thank You on the job well done on the Spurs and Bit you made for me, would recommend them to anybody looking for quality hand made gear. I like the weight and feel of the bit so many bits are not heavy enough I feel this is very important. I have waited my whole life for a nice pair spurs when I saw yours I had to have them, I purchased them for my 50TH birthday." Thanks for everything Ray Shepherd 2010