Made for Don AekhurstMade to show at the Big loop roping in Jordan Valley, SoldSold to Lyn WolfeMade for Kale PetersonThe first pistol bit he made, sold it to Jack FisherMade for Appleatchee Riders Labor day roping, for the high money lady of the weekend, won by Jenny MotzkusMade to show in Montana and then sold to Josh BrewerMade to show at the Big Loop Roping in Jordan Valley, then soldRocky made this bit and used it for two years and then Ryan Motes wanted it real bad so he sold it to him August 2010Made for Buzz BethMade for Ken TincherKnow as the Reynolds ring bit, made for Hughie ReynoldsStainless Steel ring bit and for Gary PeisleyA beautiful blue bit, the new 7 shankThis is a legal mouth peiceMade for Blaine LinaweaverMade for Brandon BatesMade for Brandon BatesStailess steel bitMade for Ray ShepardMade for Phyllis JessPhyllis Jess brandMade for Chad McDanielMade for Don Aekerst 20 years agoMade for Ryan Motes and yes that is real gold in the letters Hing port made for Tom JessTom and Phyllis Jess's brandStainless steel bit made for Phyllis JessMade for Clay O'Brian CooperMade for Josh JacobsMade for Frank RowselMade for Mike Wallenmade for Jody WallenMade for Jody WallenMade for Joe BrookieMade for Jack FisherMade for Jack Fisher, this is got to be a money bit!!!Made by and for Bobbie Cook with some help from RockyMade for Larry CoatsMade for Garry McClainRocky Made this to try on his horse and used it for 10 mins and then sold it to Charley ReedMade to show in Montana and to sell, still has it and it is still for sale.Made to show in Montana and sold thereMade for for Ben BuchertMade and then sold to Matt FunkMade for Clay O'Brian CooperMade for Rocky to use and sold it after first day Kristen KoonsMade for Bill GeigerMade for Chris HayesMade for and by Bobbie Cook with help from RockyMade for George StraitSquare twist three peice snaffleMade for Silver Wings RanchMade for Wynett DaleSent to AustraliaMade for Mike BeersMade for Big Sky Classic ropingMade for George StraitHappy Birthday son, I love you!Made for Rocky's son, Cody StaplesMade for Jared SlusherMade for Jody WallenD-ring with a slow square twist made for Caryn StenbergGlobe bit made to show and to sell. This bit is for sale, call for price.What the man n the moon dreams aboutMade for Jeremy ParkerMade for the Ryan Motes Invitational roping Made for Brandon GerrtisMade for Don Akerst for his 80th birthday and 60th anniversaryCory Smothers- Champion Header
Jeremy Smith- Champion Heeler

At the Ryan Motes invite roping 2011New mouth piece, made for Rocky to try out and he loved it. Then it was sold to Delbert RatliffNew mouth piece, Rocky makes the chain for this bit so that the mouth piece will hang correctly. SoldBannana Bit with chain mouth made for Brandon BatesNew cheek peice made for chain bits, this one has a ported chain. Sold to Brady MinorMade for Nicole Wolfe. Made for Sam StaplesMade for Bonnie WolfeMade For Tavis StockdaleNew cheek piece, pistols with 22 shells!!! Made for Lyn WolfeThe mouth piece of Lyn Wolfe's pistol bitMade for Brady Minor and Dougout, the 2011 AQHA/PRCA heel horse of the yearMade to show in Las Vegas and sold to Brandon BeersMade to show in Las Vegas, sold to Brandon BeersMade for Bryson MurrayMade for Corey MurrayMade for Jake PrattMade for Chirs HayesMade for Rob JohnsonMade with Rocky's help, by Bobbie CookMade for Sharon DailingMade for Riley MinorMade for Steson VestMade for Jake PrattMade for Rhen RichardMade for Rocky to use on his horse, It is for sale!!Made for John GillMade for Mike MarriottMade for Chad McDanielMade for Alexis BlakeyMade for Riley MinorMade for the open calf roping at West Star Arena, won by Tuf CooperMade to sell, sold to Larry Coats of Coats Saddlery.Made for Trevor BrazileMade for Partick SmithMade for Chad McDanielMade for Mike ConnahanMade for Chris BengoaMade for Chris BengoaMade for Cassie RomeMade for Tyler MorganSecond bit made for Trevor BrazileMade for Tyler DawsonMade for Chris GustelumMade for Jon Penfold, Happy Valentines day and AnniversaryMade for Scott Repp, owner of West Star ArenaMade for Brady MinorMade for EJ RobertsMade for Jerry MerrelMade for Bob DunnMade for the Billy King Benefit Auction, bought by Delbert RatliffMade for Chad McDanielMade for Patrick SmithNade for Mike BeersMade for Jim BergevinCalf roping bit Made for Ky BerryMade for Roger BraFor SaleLadies leg with pistol and flowerShort is 7" and long is 9"Jody Wallen gag bitWarny WaterMike and Jody Wallen bitsRobert HallDenton Moffat
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